Rotarian and Non Rotarian Volunteers needed 


Group facilitators are needed to lead the student sessions through the established curriculum. Facilitators should enjoy working with young adults and have experience with group learning and facilitating group discussion. In order to maintain the group learning dynamic a Facilitator must be able to be present for the entire RYLA event. Thursday morning through Saturday mid-day. Facilitators need not be Rotarians. Complimentary meals and overnight accommodations will be provided to facilitators staying throughout the conference. NOTE: Facilitators must attend a training session prior to the conference where they will receive and review the current year conference materials and curriculum.

Chaperon or Over Night Supervision – 

Evening/Night time Volunteers are needed to assist with supervision of students during evening free-time and overnight hours. Students must remain in designated areas while at the RYLA conference. Volunteers will be responsible for monitoring these areas as well as monitoring dormitory activities, lights out, room checks and overnight hallway activities. General volunteer schedules can be flexible.


Daytime photographer(s) needed to take photos during the conference. This position may be shared amongst two persons so long as they are able to share files and duties. We ask that the photographer prepare a slide show of the photos taken to be displayed at the Saturday closing session. This volunteer's schedule can be flexible.

General Volunteer –

Volunteers are needed for 2 - 3 hour shifts during Registration and Check in. Volunteers also needed during evening activities. General volunteer's schedule can be flexible.

Medical Professional -

Registered Nurse, Doctor or other certified medical professional is required to be present throughout the entire RYLA Conference starting on Thursday morning through the conference completion on Saturday. This person is on duty 24/7. Complimentary meals and overnight accommodations will be provided to medical professionals staying throughout the conference.

NOTE: A complimentary meal will be provided to all volunteers working during meal breaks.

We need your help to Support this year’s event.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the needed positions, please contact

RYLA Volunteer Coordinator                                                                                    Email: